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New offer: the Mobile Punch clock , the Swiss Army Knife of the construction sector!

Recording of on-site attendance and connection to ONSS (Belgian National Social Security Office).

EMIXIS offers a simple, effective and economical solution to contractors and sub-contractors for meeting new on-site attendance recording obligations. Since 1 April 2014, contractors are obliged to record all attendances (including sub-contractors) at sites where construction work reaches a minimum cost of 800,000 Euros excluding VAT. This recording must be done on the same day with the social security (ONSS).

In addition to the recording solutions directly offered by the ONSS (web and mobile portal as explained above), Emixis offers different solutions for facilitating this attendance recording for its customers and their sub-contractors:

  • Recording in real time based on a multi-standard on-site attendance recorder.
  • Recording in real time based on the arrival on site of the vehicle in which the workers are registered.
  • Recording based on pre-planned services.

For all of these solutions:

  • The CheckInAtWork.net interface was developed by Emixis for configuring the various components of the solution:
    • The ONSS site declaration number must be indicated in the site record for the site where the recorder is installed, corresponding to the POI or to the encoding/planning.
    • The ONSS identifier (INSS or Limosa) must be configured on the platform for the workers concerned.
  • Error reports are sent in real time to those in charge of the people reported to be “in error”.
  • A summary of daily attendance declarations is made available to those in charge.

The Emixis attendance recording solution is divided into two modules described in more detail in the following chapters:

  • A recording system in the field (mobile attendance recorder [for contractors], beacon in the vehicles or planning tool);
  • A dedicated site and web platform (for contractors and sub-contractors).
19 /02/ 2016|

We are hiring: Customer Service Representative

Emixis is a well-established and innovative technology company based in Zaventem, near Brussels.

For more than 20 years, we develop, manufacture and distribute vehicle protection, telematics and fleet management products and services for the Automotive industry in Belgium and abroad. We develop and distribute also a workforce management solution (mobile application).

Depuis plus de 20 ans, nous développons, fabriquons et distribuons des systèmes de protection contre le vol ainsi que des produits et services de gestion de flotte de véhicules pour l’industrie automobile en Belgique et à l’étranger. Nous développons et distribuons également une solution de workforce management (applications mobiles).

Nos produits sont vendus sous la marque Securysat (www.securysat.com) et aidoo-mobile (www.aidoo-mobile.com).

Nous souhaitons élargir notre équipe et nous sommes à la recherche d’un (e) dynamique, multilingue:

Our products are sold under the brand of Securysat (www.securysat.com) & aidoo-mobile (www.aidoo-mobile.com).

We are now expanding our team and are looking for a dynamic, multilingual Customer Service Representative!

Job Description: Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative has a set of diversified responsibilities which touch a broad scope of functions.
(S)he will:

  • Be the primary contact point (phone, e-mail, ticketing tool..) for all customer inquiries regarding issues, problems or requests for information related to Emixis products and services
  • After internal training will provide an adequate first level of technical support related to our products & services (activation of service, basic troubleshooting) using the existing support tools (for example: take control of the customer IT environment using TeamViewer…).
  • Reroute service requests to 2nd and 3rd line support when needed and follow up.
  • Participate in the testing of new platform software, device firmware& mobile applications
  • Create documentation and FAQs sheets
  • Evaluate current support processes and propose improvements
  • Handle and follow-up repair of defect material (RMA), from reception to re-expedition
  • Manage installations projects with our customers and partners

Desired skills

Mandatory :

  • Trilingual NL/FR/ENG
  • Interest for IT & telematics
  • Experience using technology and navigating through the internet, at minimum MS Office, Explorer, mobile apps, etc.
  • Punctual and accountable
  • Customer oriented, strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to multitask
  • Highly resilient to stress
  • Structured & organised (time management)
  • Autonomous, sense of initiative
  • Past experience with customer service is a plus
  • Willingness to learn and improve in all skill areas
  • Ability to communicate with international customers (cultural awareness)


  • Experience with Helpdesk Systems (SysAid CSS, Redmine…)
  • Technical background is a plus, specifically:
  • Some electrical knowledge (car electronics& GPS systems)
  • Telecom infrastructure understanding (GPRS, 3G…)
  • IT applications (PC-based and mobile apps on iPhone, Androïd…)
  • Additional language skills.

Contact : Mrs. Sophie Carrein @ s.carrein[at]emixis.com

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5th Edition of IT-Management Event – ERP: a Strategic issue?

Emixis takes part in the event organized by ORDA-S, ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and AX (Axapta), number 1 for small/medium TPE-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg POWERPARTNER V12.

THURSDAY 15th MAY 2014 AT 9h00 till 12h45 In Liege – Parc Industriel des Hauts-Sarts 4è Avenue n° 13

ERP service mobility.

Discover the benefits of ERP and the return on investments for SME’s.

Etablissez votre programme à la carte – choisissez entre 1 à 4 sessions parmi nos 5 ateliers :

  • « Projet ERP – avantages pour la PME et retour sur investissement »: Philippe Brachotte, Technifutur
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ 2013 – Naviplanning: look &feel, cycle commercial et service après-vente, planning graphique intégré.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX™ 2012 R2 – Reporting Services: cycle production/projets + reporting – Business Intelligence avec les Reporting Services.
  • PowerPartner© V12 – B.I. Qlikview: cycle fonctionnel complet, outil de scanning et terminaux portables
  • Mobilité : solution intégrée de gestion de la mobilité pour techniciens – Emixis

Evaluez les avantages d’une solution ERP pour votre entreprise

Establish your program map – choose between 1 to 4 sessions among our five workshops:

  • Project ERP – Benefits for SME’s and return on investment: Philippe Brachotte, Technifutur
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ 2013 – Naviplanning : look&feel, commercial and after-sales services cycle, integrated graphic planning.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX™ 2012 R2 – Reporting Services: Production cycle / project reporting + Business Intelligence with Reporting services.
  • PowerPartner© V12 – B.I. Qlikview: Complete functional cycle, tool scanning and mobile devices
  • Mobility : Integrated solution for mobility management for technicians – Emixis

These workshops are for free but seats are limited, so registration is mandatory. We would like to ask you kindly to register as soon as possible.

Contact person: Pascale Polus, pascale.polus [at] orda-s.com , tel. 04/256 51 11.

More info

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Emixis : Runner up of ICT Project of the Year with its CSD Liège by aidoo mobile project – Home Care Sector

Brussels, November 21st 2013
EMIXIS, leading technology provider for fleet, workforce and asset management, has the pleasure to be elected Runner up of ICT Project of the Year 2013 with his successful CSD Liège Project by aidoo mobile. CSD (Center for Home Care), partner of Network Solidaris Liège currently employs 950 staff who helps 10,000 families each year and aidoo mobile is helping them with that.

The CIO of the Year 2013 wants to reward ICT projects which have been successfully completed and are innovative. The emphasis is on ‘innovation’; projects that have achieved real added value for a company thanks to clever use of a certain modernising technology.

In 2006 Mobile Token was the winner of famous Award “Enterprize”. In 2013, less than a year after its creation through the merger of Mobile Token and Securysat (Datatrak) Emixis wins his first and prestigious Award. The deployment of its mobile-aidoo product CSD is rewarded by a jury of experts in the competition ICT Project of the Year 2013 organized by the magazine Datanews.

The CIO of the Year 2013 wants to reward ICT projects which have been successfully completed and are innovative. The emphasis is on ‘innovation’; projects that have achieved real added value for a company thanks to clever use of a certain modernising technology.

In 2006 Mobile Token was the winner of famous Award “Enterprize”. In 2013, less than a year after its creation through the merger of Mobile Token and Securysat (Datatrak) Emixis wins his first and prestigious Award. The deployment of its mobile-aidoo product CSD is rewarded by a jury of experts in the competition ICT Project of the Year 2013 organized by the magazine Datanews.

CSD Liège provides its 650 home care assistants of a smartphone with aidoo-mobile application of Emixis in order to replace the current paper forms.

The project is Runner up of “ICT Project of the Year” in the category Small & Medium Sized Entreprises.

Find hereunder a client testimonial of Nicolas Piette from CSD Liège.

aidoo mobile simplifies administrative procedures for our family assistants who provide home care to 10.000 families in our network.  Very easy to use, the application makes our field team really efficient, it offers great time savings and flexibility.

Nicolas Piette, CSD-Director Home Care

“Our employees provide assistance with daily chores and nursing care to families that are incapacitated and homebound. Our services include child care, meals delivery, shopping, personal care, nursing care, home maintenance, etc. Because of our active service, families in our network are able to continue their day-to-day lives in the comfort of their own homes.”

“Our nurses deliver a wide variety of nursing care, such as personal care and hygiene, injections, wound care, palliative care and more. Proper administration of our services was a real challenge for us. We knew we must find a simpler and better tool for our field staff to keep track of what they do and where and to decrease the chance of entry errors with paper forms. CSD Liège decided to totally replace paper forms “F54” by a mobile application.”

“Today, each of our 650 caregivers has a smart phone, equipped with the aidoo application that allows the caregiver to scan a unique QR code in order to”:

  • Identify family / person / address
  • Confirm the time worked for each family (based on scanned hours and GPS locations)
  • Calculate the cost of travel between two addresses;
  • Reimburse expenses and avoid manually fi lling out of mileage;
  • Replace the paper schedule that was in the past sent by mail;
  • Provide access to the agenda for the next 3 days;
  • Provide information about the family where the nurse is going;
  • Call directly with the client using the application;
  • Plan itinerary between the addresses;
  • Add or modify a service if there is a change during the day in the planning.
  • Generate invoices;

aidoo mobile by CSD Liège, a success, a Runner up! Watch it here !

19 /02/ 2016|

Emixis extends SecurysatFleet and Asset Management product by adding active RFID-based Asset Tracking solution

Dubai, October 20, 2013
EMIXIS, leading technology provider for fleet, workforce and asset management, announced today their new RFID-based asset tracking solution. The new offering is provided as a complementary module for SecurysatFleet and Asset Management product and it is available today to selected customers and partners.

General availability is scheduled for December 2013. This new additional option is ideal in business situations requiring either lower cost alternatives to regular GPS beacons, traditionally used in fleet management, or in conditions where space is very limited, or where power source not available.

We are very excited about the new Securysat Fleet RFID-Asset Tracking, we and our customers can’t wait to start using it” said Alexis Duvoisin of Geloc, Emixis’ Swiss distributor. “Emixis has crafted this solution in a very unique manner. What they offer is small, affordable, autonomous and comes with ready to use web services interface, opening opportunities for integration with other technologies.

As a solution, Securysat’s RFID-based Asset Management is composed of 3 main building blocks: tags, tag readers and a web platform for custom web/mobile application development.

The Tags are low cost active RFID tags (size of a small matchbox) with a long life internal battery providing uninterrupted service for up to 3 years! They are fully water and dust resistant, can be placed on any asset that must to be tracked (containers, machinery, bags, tools, trailers…) and are equipped with movement and temperature sensors.

Tag readers allow data collection at a distance of up to 30 meters, and are connected to a GPS beacon through an RS232 serial port, which can then deliver the information to an application platform, open to third party application developers via web services.

This technology is perfectly suitable in business sectors such as Transport (trailer tracking), Logistics (important parcels tracking), Construction (onsite automated material scanning) or in Smart Cities projects.

SecurysatFleet and Asset Management solutions are available through wide network of Emixis’ certified partners in EMEA. To find a partner in your area or for more information about how to join our partner program please visit: www.emixis.com/partnership.

See Emixis at GITEX 2013 (Belgian pavilion), Sheikh Rashid Hall SR-H4, where we are demonstrating our RFID-based Asset Management solution, as well as other modules Fleet, Asset and Workforce Management.


EMIXIS is a Belgian company resulting from the merger of 2 leading technology organizations, BF Engineering and mobile token, both active in the arena of Workforce, Fleet and Asset Management. Through our hardware devices and SaaS platform we provide complete solutions to help companies manage their field resources: personnel, vehicles and assets.

Our products are sold under 2 brand names: Securysat and aidoo mobile, addressing general needs for vehicle protection, efficiency improvement with fleet and field force, as well as specific vertical requirement for companies in the business of Technical Services, Construction, Transport and Logistics, Merchandising, Healthcare and others.

Incorporated in Brussels, the capital of Europe, EMIXIS solutions are distributed all over Europe, Middle East and Africa through a network of Value Added Resellers and Distributors.

Lionel Anciaux
+32 476 390 843

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Caterpillar’s Smartphone CAT B15: indestructible but where to find it?

We recently published an article (CAT B15) introducing Caterpillar’s Rugged and almost indestructible Smartphone.

Caterpillar announced during the World Mobile Congress 2013 that they were launching the CAT B15 on the Belgian and European market early April.

The CAT B15 smartphone is built on two main ideas:

Built TOUGH made SMART

The « Smart » aspect resides in the Operating System, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which the B15 uses to operate, combined with a wide range of features like Wi-Fi, File Sto and so on…

The other aspect « Tough » is due to specific features: the Smartphone is covered by an ionized aluminum blend and a shock-absorbing rubber.

It also uses a « Gorilla Glass » for the screen. This specific conception makes the Smartphone tough enough to resist to water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. More over if you drop this phone on a concrete floor at a height of 1m80 you’ll just pick up and continue using it without any problem!

This powerfull machine B15 also resists to dust and temperatures from -20 to 50°C!

Here are official features announced :

DIMENSIONS (H) 125 x (L) 69.5 x (l) 14.95mm
IP67 Waterproof for 30 minutes, resists to dust
SCREEN 4” capacitive Multi touch corning Gorilla Glass! Wet finger tracking.
CONNECTIVITY 3g 850/1900 or 900/2100 | GSM 850/900/1800/1900 | Bluetooth (edr), Wi-Fi
GPS Supporting Turn-By-Turn navigation
Pre-Installed Apps Chrome Browser, YouTube, Google search, Google Maps, Google+, Google Now, Google Play, Google Calendar
Operating System Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
MEDIA 5.0mP rear facing camera, One-Press, continuous shooting, VGA front facing, camera, Video capture and Player, Music player, FM radio, Hands free speaker phone
OPERATING between -20°C till 55°C
DROP TESTING Up to 1,80m
PROCESSOR Dual Core 1GHz processor
MEMORY 4GB storage (expandable to 32Gb via micro SD Card) / 512Mb RAM
BATTERY 2000mAh ; Talk Time up to 16,3 hours, standby up to 26 days (single SIM) or up to 19 days (dual SIM)

Very exciting news as Caterpillar is determined to break into the ultra-tough smartphone market:

“We strongly believe that CAT Phones will drive the popularity and growth of the underserved global rugged device market, and our ambition is to be the number one global rugged device handset by 2015.” declared Dave Floyd, the director of technology at Bullitt Mobile Ltd, which acts as a global licensee for CAT phones”.

This kind of phone is well adapted to the usage environment of aidoo mobile, as you can see in our different industries as construction. For companies from theses sectors, like T.Palm or Thomas&Piron, it’s a brilliant and cheep solution for them as they are exposing their phones to constant risks. From now on, with this new ultra-tough smartphone, employers shouldn’t be afraid anymore of breaking phones or investing loads of money for their employees on field.

The CAT B15 should be available in April 2013 at a price fluctuating between 299 and 329€.

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