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Benefits for Merchandising

FMCG, merchandising and field marketing agencies

Making deals with major retailers, introducing new reference numbers, or implementing new promotional activities are very costly for brands. This means that it is important to monitor agreements on site, which in turn requires constant vigilance. How can you stay informed in real time of stockouts? Incorrect shelf line-ups?

Promotions that aren’t carried out? Display materials sitting in the stockroom? These all represent serious losses. On-site teams are critical to maximizing returns on investments in distribution.

Aidoo mobile – how does it work ?

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Emixis’s solution has enabled a direct, significant improvement in 3M’s sales and performance in major retail outlets. It allows us to make sure that our products are where they should be and to immediately detect a problem in the rate of return.
Victor Wiewauters, Sales & Marketing manager 3M Belgium


  • Android tablet or smartphone
  • Compatible with external barcode scanners (scanning wands) or the camera built into the smartphone, to scan products in the shop or storeroom.


  • Digitizing and automating reports
  • Real-time transmission of store data
  • Merchandiser and campaign monitoring
  • Increased department head and store satisfaction
  • Real-time alerts in case of a problem at the point of sale
  • Improved service quality