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Benefits for Services for Businesses

Industrial cleaning, office cleaning, parks and gardens, temporary duties, moves, facility management, security, caretaking, company doctors.

Service businesses are subject to growing global competition. This means margins are under pressure. Differentiation becomes vital. Services are performed on the clients’ sites by mobile teams, possibly using a vehicle. Organization and delivery of services constitute a major cost center: payroll, fuel, maintenance costs, vehicles, travel costs, administration…How can you best plan team services to optimize trips according to availability, client service contracts, emergencies?

How can you ensure quick, transparent, accurate billing that reflects the time spent performing the services and the service contracts? How can you maximally automate administrative tasks: wage and overtime calculation, travel expenses?

Aidoo mobile – how does it work ?


  • Android tablet or smartphone


  • Optimization of the efficiency and productivity of service providers
  • Elimination of paper reports
  • Safety of service providers in the field
  • Increased quality of the services provided
  • Simplification of administration (calculation of salaries and invoices)