Basic package includes:
time tracking, reporting, mobile CRM and agenda.

photos, GPS tracking, order form, planning/dispatching, signature, capi, personalized reporting

Industry Specific Packs Available:
Business, Merchandiser, Technician, Home care, Cleaning

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A true technology concentrate, moisture and dust proof (IP65), this multi-purpose case is fully electrically autonomous for several days and functions as a site attendance recording system for your personnel (Dallas key and/or RFID mifare badge), on-site tool theft detection tool – generating an alarm when materials equipped with an RFID tag leave the field of coverage (+/- 90m) during certain times.

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On work site, the team leader checks the actual presence of his workmen and encodes it on his smartphone or tablet. With Teamleader he can not only to work assignments for each individual but also encode the time of usage for specific machinery, take photos or add comments and link them with specific jobs. The usage of spare parts or raw materials can be assigned as well to provide a full picture of costs associated with each particular assignment.

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Our project manager/consultant coordinates the activities for configuration and deployment of the system at your company. He will also guide you, based on our 10 years of experience in the field, as to what materials to use (smartphone, tablet, hardened or regular terminals, etc.), the good practices for implementation in terms of managing the change in your company.

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Aidoo mobile

Aidoo Mobile Basic

aidoo mobile. The solution for reporting and monitoring your on-the-ground activity…linked to web-based scheduling…

The Basic package is suitable for the independent worker and includes the necessary features for smooth workflow. Such as time tracking, reporting, mobile CRM and simple agenda.

If you want to check if the Basic Package is suitable for you can test aidoo mobile for free.

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Aidoo mobile features

GPS Tracking
Planning & Dispatching
Customized Reporting


Business pack
Merchandiser pack
Technician pack
Construction pack
Cleaning services

Mobile punchclock

Emixis’ mobile Punch Clock is a multifunction, “swiss army knife” like device for companies that wish to improve time tracking of their field employees, secure the entire job site. This autonomous device is totally waterproof and dustproof, includes GPS for geolocation and does not require a permanent power source.

Through GPRS mobile network it tracks and communicates, in real time, all field personnel data related to their arrival / departure time. The mobile Punch Clock supports both Dallas keys and Mifare RFID badges. The device is also equipped with GPS and a motion sensor and can be configured to trigger an alert when the device is moved. So you always know where the Punch Clock is located in real-time.

Emixis’ mobile Punch Clock is the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to manage and control the entire project and its job site. The on-site equipment is protected thanks to the placement of RFID tags, allowing the creation of an alert in the event of loss of the field of coverage (90m).

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Aidoo Teamleader provides for ways to manage work sites easily and efficiently by:

  • better organization of staff planning and dispatching
  • full control of assigned activities and hours of service
  • ability to provide photos or used parts as a proof of expense
  • detailed reports showing work time, absent time and equipment utilization time
  • integration with CheckInAtWork (Belgium)
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4 ways to better manage and organize projects

Job Planning

Allows to plan different phases of a construction work defining the required resources (personnel and equipment) and to communicate real-time information automatically to the site supervisors responsible for monitoring the services in the field.

Time Tracking

In a few clicks, the site supervisors report the actual hours worked by their staff, utilization time of site machines and equipment.  Reported hours can also be broken down by each activity.

Job Reporting

In addition to the work time and the equipment utilization time, comments, photos or a list of used spare parts can be linked to each particular job. Deliveries or equipment on site is easily managed as well (order, receipt and usage).  All this in order to provide a historical data available at all times to be used as a proof of the job delivered and usage of equipment, materials or spare parts.


The solution can be integrated into CheckInAtWork, enabling full automation of site personnel registration in compliance with the Belgian law.