Aidoo Mobile Overview

The solution for reporting and monitoring your on-the-ground activity… linked to web-based scheduling…

Job Planning / Dispatching

Plan a service for a client or building site, dispatch it automatically to one of your collaborators in the field, directly on its mobile terminal and be notified in real time of its state of progress.

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Mobile Time

With a simple click, you indicate when you start or stop your work day, and when you begin or end a service.

You encode the kilometers traveled. You create your roadmap, which is indispensable for entering a fee note, invoicing your clients and simply keeping track of your work day.

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Service Report

Service times are automatically captured. Afterwards, you can add comments on the service, a status from a list that you manage yourself (completed, canceled, interrupted, parts ordered, etc.), one or more photos (automatically attached to the service), etc.

In other words, you keep perfectly organized proofs and tracking of your services.

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Locate your entire personnel without needing to install GPS tags (black box) in the vehicles in order to geolocate, not only the personnel, but the vehicle itself in said position.

All of this takes place in perfect symbiosis with the planning and reporting functionality on a mobile terminal

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Consolidation of Service Report

Automatically gather all of the service reports.

Besides the hours, there are the notes, photos taken and end of service status, which are available, whether through interactive reports or through excel exports.

These reports equally feed the history of work completed on a building site or for a client.

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Mobile CRM

Manage your clients or your sites: location (with the possibility of launching, contact person (with telephone and email integration), as well as a historical record of services that you provide.

Permanently have access to your past service reports, in order to optimize your future services and better satisfy your clients.

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